Chocolate coin

Dawn French, comedian, author, actor, amid many other talents, is Chancellor of Falmouth University. She gave the graduation speech for the students who have completed their courses over the last two years or more.

She was handing out chocolate coins to all the graduating students. We have to wait for our certificates to be posted out over the next few weeks. The coins symbolise her status as Chancellor and ‘Queen’ of the University of Falmouth. I was honoured to be handed the coin by her. As I walked towards her all I could say in panic was ‘thank you very much Dawn French in a very loud voice. 😍

Talking, but not listening

So many of us throw our voices out into the ‘blogosphere’, saying things we hope others will hear. But dies anyone really listen? Like a TV or radio signal escaping into space, are out missives actually picked up by anyone? The sounds might bounce off local planets and jiggle their atmospheres a bit, but after that… Our voices are lost in the dark, out beyond Pluto and the Oort cloud. Or trapped in a thin layer of atmosphere closer to us, bouncing off a personal ‘heavyside’ layer, trapped and echoing until the waves of speech are frittered and frayed away.

WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, what are they for? Free speech or an echo chamber to stop us thinking? You decide. I am undecided.



The world is full of words

Talk is cheap

Grey green gold gossip

Muddy, murky muttering

Sharp staccato shouting.

Pink pretty pouting purring,

Cracked cramped cackles.

Light lilting, laughing lullabies…

Singing or sonorous sound scapes

Violent verbosity

Quiet qualities of queen’s English.

Extravagant evangelising.

Whispered wailing.

Yes words are cheap and cheerful or cheerless.