Talking, but not listening

So many of us throw our voices out into the ‘blogosphere’, saying things we hope others will hear. But dies anyone really listen? Like a TV or radio signal escaping into space, are out missives actually picked up by anyone? The sounds might bounce off local planets and jiggle their atmospheres a bit, but after that… Our voices are lost in the dark, out beyond Pluto and the Oort cloud. Or trapped in a thin layer of atmosphere closer to us, bouncing off a personal ‘heavyside’ layer, trapped and echoing until the waves of speech are frittered and frayed away.

WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, what are they for? Free speech or an echo chamber to stop us thinking? You decide. I am undecided.

4 thoughts on “Talking, but not listening

  1. I would really like to leave Facebook, but I can’t. It’s the entire WORLD to a couple of my friends who are shut ins and I love them. It’s also the way business is conducted in this remote place. There are aspects of Facebook that are truly good and wonderful. My blog? I don’t know. I have kept a journal for a long time. My blog is an extension of that. I’d say 60-70% of it is just for me, but having an audience improves me as a writer.

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