Christmas adverts!

Buy this now! You know you want it! Eau de Parfum! Jewellery! Food! A new colour for a hair dryer, a new electric car, toys toys toys.

Everything the consumer wants. Chocolates, biscuits, turkey, wine, spirits with edible gold. Lots of lovely stuff… That most people in the world can’t afford. That they will never have.

Meanwhile at Cop26 deligates have not been able to agree on reducing carbon emissions. Rich countries are not helping poor countries with funding…

This world is selfish. The Christian idea of peace and loving one another doesn’t seem very evident. Will we ever care enough to think of others?

4 thoughts on “Christmas adverts!

  1. I think buying things is kind of mindless habit of ours. I went out with my friends for lunch and then shopping. I just hung around and expressed appreciation for what they saw and I saw a lot of pretty things, too. But…I had $6 in my pocket and feel that consumerism has to stop, so… I’m not virtue signalling. I just think if consumerism was squashed down a bit, the whole world would be better off, except maybe the factories and stores, I don’t know… It seems to be who we are as humans.

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