Foggy morning with Orchids and pigeons.


Pigeons in the tree, orchids in the window. Both looking out over a foggy day. Grey, water dripping off the tree. There were three pigeons all huddled on branches in it, head down. Grey slates on the building beyond the garden, slick with moisture. Clouds brushing the land, claiming down on the sunlight, blanketing the ground. Forecast for tomorrow is freezing fog, making it difficult to drive.

I can’t help liking fog though. I’ve seen it pouring down hills, driving through patches where you don’t know how far you will go before you come out the other side. Being dazzled by your own car lights reflecting back at you. It can be exciting, it can be frightening. It makes the atmosphere visible…..

Feed the birds

We had a couple of arguments earlier on today so we decide to go for a walk and feed the birds. It takes your mind off things when you are mobbed by geese and have your toes pecked by pigeons. I fed pigeons from my hand too but couldn’t take photos of them at the same time.

Came home feeling relaxed. Now having to put up with loud music from the local pub! Argh!

Blossom and pigeons

DSC_1836My picture of pink blossom today, photo bombed by pigeons! I might turn the top half of the photo into a painting, the pigeons just add some movement to it. This year the blossom has been amazing. My cherry blossom is starting to fade and blow off the tree. I don’t know if that’s due to cold nights or drought as the weather has been very dry. There are thunder storms due later in the week. I guess that will remove the blossom.