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I was going to talk about my digital drawing of a lizard. I’d originally just drawn the background but decided to add this because I liked the idea of camouflage. It was drawn at a now defunct website called sketchfu which closed a long time ago. It had simple tools, but I could draw what I wanted to. Freedom in art is wonderful!



I drew this at sketchfu probably about ten years ago. I’d drawn the orange and green pattern first, and then added the gecko afterwards. I love the idea of camouflage. I can’t remember if I made the lizard up or if I used an image of one from somewhere. If I did I would have modified the colours.

One problem with sketchfu was the way the colour laid down on the screen. Different drawing apps work differently. With sketchfu what happened was that if you did not have the pens on full opacity you got a slightly fuzzy effect. Imagine if you had an old felt pen. The colour is fading and the nib is a bit frayed. That’s what the effect of the pens on the digital app was like.

I hope you like my dinky little gecko.