I use my email a lot and with WordPress I get a lot of emails about people I’m following..

I forgot that I needed to empty my trash bin (how do you forget that?). I wondered why my phone memory was getting full. When I went into trash there were 6753 emails in there! I only thought of taking a screenshot after I’d started deleting.

It took about ten minutes to delete them all. Now I need to look at my other folders, I’ve kept some emails from years ago. As reminders of old friends, and so I can try and contact them again. Life is interesting but I must edit them!



This dragon appeared from my garden hanging baskets photo. I liked the green so thought I would play around with the layout and sketch apps that I use.

I wrote a children’s story about a dragon once. It was a long time ago and I think I still have the floppy disc I saved it on. That was in the time of dial up modems when they used to make that funny dial up tone… Dah Di Dah Dah in a sort of metallic tune.

I never had the courage to send it in. It was too worthy I think. Not exciting enough. I asked a publisher to read it and also my friends daughter. I could tell the publisher wasn’t impressed and my friends daughter said I needed to make it funnier. Perhaps I also used too many long words.

Maybe one day I will edit it and try again. Is it sensible to try after twenty years? I’d like my dragon to go free…..