The irritations of lockdown

Being together is supposed to be better than being by yourself. Not as lonely. But when you live in a small house it’s not that simple. A narrow galley kitchen means you struggle to pass each other. One persons shooing is the others dislike. You bought four huge pork pies? The potato salad is full of sugar? Why can’t you put waste food in the bin, instead of letting it float in the sink….. Then there is TV. We don’t have Netflix or anything like that, so we watch terrestrial TV. But do there have to be so many steam train programmes? Tools is another thing. Yes he has a shed, but this time of year he takes over the kitchen, there are batteries, middle boats, cable ties, screwdrivers… The list is endless, all over the place. He doesn’t like shopping and washing up. So the food is weird and the water splashes everywhere. My new cupboard door is loosing it’s surface because its always wet… So I do things myself. The most irritating? When I buy things for both of us and he eats it all first.

If I asked him to write his irritations, he too would have a long list. He would be right! Living together isn’t easy.

Interesting statistic. Married men I’ve five years longer than single men on average, whilst married women live five years less than single ones!

My hero

Batman mural I painted.

No not Batman, my hubby. We were walking home this evening, when we saw a young couple over the other side of the road start to argue. The man was taller than the young woman and had started swearing at her. She was arguing back but getting the worst end of things, suddenly he picked her up over his shoulder and started to run with her. Like a rugby tackle. There were people walking past next to the couple but they were doing nothing, just walking past and away. Suddenly next to me my hubby started shouting. Oi, put her down! Leave her alone! What do you think you are doing?!, the man put the girl down. They were still fighting though. So he carried on shouting, leave her alone! I’m calling the police if you don’t leave her alone! We were still over the road, I got my phone out to ring them up, but the couple ran off into the darkness. I hope the woman will be OK. She ran off with the man, perhaps they had been drinking or taking drugs? At least my hubby intervened. He stopped them hurting each other.