My hero

Batman mural I painted.

No not Batman, my hubby. We were walking home this evening, when we saw a young couple over the other side of the road start to argue. The man was taller than the young woman and had started swearing at her. She was arguing back but getting the worst end of things, suddenly he picked her up over his shoulder and started to run with her. Like a rugby tackle. There were people walking past next to the couple but they were doing nothing, just walking past and away. Suddenly next to me my hubby started shouting. Oi, put her down! Leave her alone! What do you think you are doing?!, the man put the girl down. They were still fighting though. So he carried on shouting, leave her alone! I’m calling the police if you don’t leave her alone! We were still over the road, I got my phone out to ring them up, but the couple ran off into the darkness. I hope the woman will be OK. She ran off with the man, perhaps they had been drinking or taking drugs? At least my hubby intervened. He stopped them hurting each other.

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