Big painting!

  • Finally finished,
these pictures run from todays picture of the finished painting, backwards to the original start. Its about A1 in size.IMG_20180219_142219_731More done, including more shadow.
May change the curve at the top, its too much. Needs flattening.IMG_20180218_185303_881And so it continues….
This has had more detail added to the pot, and I have worked on the background more. This is the third picture. The green one was the second and the one with the red background was the first.IMG_20180217_013137_299

This is the painting with the background hue changed to green on the computer using an app called picsart, now got to do it in reality!IMG_20180216_134224_752Started this monster last night. The theme is Autumn.

I have got quite a long way with it but I want to make it look more 3d, maybe change the background . Adjust the colours.

More to follow ….



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