Sketchfu cats 2007 to about 2011?

I may have the date wrong when I stopped doing these. The site closed and I downloaded a lot of my drawings so they didn’t get lost. They are drawings using the simple tools that were on the site. If you have seen my other drawings I posted here, you will know I did some challenges, there are a couple of those here. Plus portraits of my cat Tig who sadly died, but who I still remember with love. Than there are some random cartoons and doodles. I❤️cats!

Random photos

Searching through my files found these old photos that were saved in a file that was on my old phone. Some of them I recognise, others must be more than 3 years old. I need to work out how to transfer them across to the other files…..

So there is Westport lake, a wooden screen at a cafe, a window in St Thomas Church, penkhull, a cumulo nimbus cloud, a drink flask, paper butterflies I cut out for a birthday and a painting I did of my friend decorating an elephant she made for the penkhull mystery plays.

I’m sure I will find more to share.


Random photos

I have almost 6000 pictures on my tablet, so as an experiment I scrolled through them, and before the images appeared I clicked on random grey boxes.

I wonder why two life draw in came up? I guess because I got fed up scrolling down the gallery and must have stopped about the same dustance in so have chosen drawings done within a similar time frame.

These photos fairly show the type of images I collect. The snail man and the woman reacting to him is possibly going to be turned into a painting.

The digital drawings are things I regularly draw, the paintings are my original and a copy I was asked to do, and the kitten was one that went to a new home last year.

If I did this experiment again it would be interesting to see if the same random photos came up again…