Waves of people


People are like the sea, they come in waves. Five minutes ago the tide was out. No one here. The next the tide is in and people drift past like a shoal of fish. Different shapes and sizes, like around a coral reef, browsing at the stalls and being caught in the tenticles of sea urchins, or feeding from the little pottery stall. ( mixed metaphors or what?) some people drift past my stall, others stop to browse. Occasionally people buy… Its all good, as they say….

Don’t undersell?


I’m a bad person! I try and sell things at a reasonable price, but then I like being nice to people and I often haggle myself down on prices! It’s like I’m at a car boot not a craft fair. Help! But I can’t employ someone. Got to do it for myself…

I think everyone should have the opportunity to have art if they want it, and forget that people have to make a living out of it. I will not be winning business woman of the year…

While I was stall sitting I did a quick sketch of people around a stall across the way from me. There are some lovely things for sale. On the whole I’m enjoying myself.




I think this is my last painting for the craft fair, I’m getting too tired. This owlet was on a calendar and I couldn’t resist painting it. I think it is so cute. X

I find painting feathers and fur difficult. You can’t paint every strand of hair, tuft of fur, or every feather but if I can get a good impression of the details, that will have to do.