Playing with pattern

While we were at the minton tile exhibition I decided to draw a ” knot celtic” pattern.

It’s not very good but I tried to duplicate it in layout. It’s come out quite jazzy. It reminds me of 1970s wallpaper!

I like the idea of slightly tangled art. I don’t know how to do zentangle. I love looking at it but woukd be hopeless actually trying to draw it.

Anyway happy patterning x

One line drawings.


When I used to draw at I would do one line drawings. Basically you kept your cursor moving on the drawing area and didn’t lift it until you finished… Thats what I’ve done here … But then duplicated it and flood filled it. Sometimes it’s nice to lose black lines.


I’m having a makeover on social media. I’m now @mallabandbrown on twitter… I will be using it more to post about paintings and other exploratory art that I’m planning over the next few months .