Willow pattern banner

A banner for one of our Penkhull Mystery Plays. We hold them most summers and the one this was painted for was about the pottery industry and its history. This banner was based on the willow pattern famous in the potteries. Spode was one of the factories that made plates and pots with this design, but if you Google ‘willow pattern’ you can find lots of images from many manufacturers.

Blue acrylic paint on a canvas cloth. It took me a while to paint. I also painted the local church and methodist Hall as they would have appeared in the late 19th and early 20th century.

6 thoughts on “Willow pattern banner

  1. I have adored willow pattern crockery since my childhood. Visits to the old farm house where my grandmother lived and four generations before, the willow pattern dinner set and matching pieces sat in the old pine dresser on display. More than seven years later that collection is now in my possession. It may not be worth a lot but it has a nostalgia that yearn for. Sit down lunches and the table beautifully set. I am also a fan of Spode pieces. Lovely blog.

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      1. I think COVID has forced us to reflect more on our memories and to be grateful for what we have had in our lives. I am still working on getting my kitchen renovated with a blue and white theme with cupboards to display my collection which is still in boxes!

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