Exhibited three years ago.

I mmust have been feeling cheerful when I did these paintings plus a batik picture of some fish. The first bottle oven painting is an attempt to do a clarice cliff design. If I did it now I would make the building more curved. The batik is sort of a Pices idea. The dragonfly was an interesting compositon and the half bottle oven is meant to be mirrored by blue sky or water in a canal. It is slightly remenicent of a yin yang symbol. The exhibition was held at the warehouse at Etruria industrial museum at Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent three years ago. At the moment we cannot use the building because of covid19.

12 thoughts on “Exhibited three years ago.

  1. I may have a job for you. I stripped out and kept all the keys on my old upright when it was finally dismantled and sent to piano Heaven because it was Hannah learned to play, Sam played – was a literal part of the furniture for 20yrs and I couldn’t completely part with and decided to strip and keep the keys.

    I have plans for Mark to get out the manly work-tools of manliness and fix the keys onto a mounted wooden all art sort of thing but can’t make up my mind or come with ideas for what I can do, what kind of design to have or whether I should just line up the keys as they are and have a long piano sized wall art or what.

    Some people have made clocks and mirrors or picture frames and I’m just kinda β€œMeh” cos nothing jumps out at me and I’m not an artistic sort.

    It’s a full set off 88 piano keys (sadly ivory too but it was over 100yrs old) and they slot in to put back together but there’s no back, felt or other support. Just the keys.

    Ideas, suggestion and scribbled sketches very welcome πŸ™‚


      1. Just spotted this on Etsy – literally what I have now. Not sure if a full piano length of the keys mounted on a frame is maybe what I’d prefer.

        The keys are even older and so fragile I don’t think they’d survive anything other than a simple refit and putting in their original order.

        Might dig them out and give them a good clean and see what sort of condition the wood is in / maybe strengthen with a clear varnish or treatment.



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