An apple a day


USK Stoke day 26 challenge. Eating fruit. So I drew this wrinkly apple, balanced on my easel, then ate it… Not the easel, but the apple.

Drawn with coloured pencil crayons, charcoal stick, black ink pen and permanent marker pens.

I’m now hungry….



12 thoughts on “An apple a day

      1. No just a cheap box of them I got for our art group, then for the apple and bird I shaded in with permanent ink marker pens (I got a set of them too), layered on top of that is black ink pen and some charcoal. Building up layers makes an interesting effect.

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      2. It certainly does. I have some pencil sketches and want to go over them in black ink so that I can turn them into printed colouring in patterns. I don’t know what pen might work best. What kind of black ink pen do you find works best?


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