Painting upside down.

Sometimes it’s hard to see whether something looks right in a painting. Then I try turning it upside down. It really does give you a different perspective. In the case of the painting I’m doing it also allows me to get closer to the top of the picture as I’ve got it propped up on a chair.

Eyesight is another problem. If I’m staring at my phone looking at the image it’s hard for my eyes to accommodate (called presbyopia) where the lenses in your eyes get stiffer as you get older, so they don’t focus as well.

I’m now starting to paint the cracks in the window frame paint. I may come back to the clouds (thanks Martha, a bit of finger painting helped).

I’ve rotated the photo back to the vertical on my camera so I can look at it without moving the canvas. Eventually I will turn it back the right way so I can paint the bottom half. It’s going to take a while…..


5 thoughts on “Painting upside down.

  1. I never used my hands before the storm picture and that happened because something was really wrong but it was small and I didn’t want to dirty a whole brush, so I went at it with fingers and discovered they’re a great tool!!! Duh, right?


  2. I tried doing a cloud painting with acrylic a few years ago. It was really frustrating. That stuff dries so fast and it doesn’t seem to blend the same way as oils. I think I was (am) just a lot less experienced with them though I used to paint with them all the time. The other thing is they were not heavy-bodied acrylics. I learned a lot about myself as a painter from that.


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