summer flavours


Summer and its flavours,

Crisp and crunchy flowers,

Take us through the hours,

of summer bright and light.

Hot and tasty bowers,

Nasturtium flowers are sour,

But sweet plums ripen here

In the shining Sun.

Before the ripe tomatoes,

Before the mellow mists,

Before the damp of Autumn,

Summer gives its gifts.

Sunshine and wild showers

Heat for many hours

Summer cooks its fruit,

Raspberries and pears.

Oranges and almonds

Appear on our tables

Strawberries of fable

Melt with mint and cream.

Plums and pomegranates

Begonias and daisies,

Lobelia and lemons,

Summer coloured sweet.

Now come the dark days,

Shorter every hour

Equinox is coming

Day will turn  to night.

Never lose the summer

Keep it in your mind.

Smell and taste its wonders

Soon to burst again.

I love the summer,

I love the light,

I hate the winter,

Brings on dark and night.

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