Got mini canvases!

I went and got some mini canvases today (small matchbox sized) I’m going to paint a few of them but I may do some on Saturday at the exhibition. It will help keep me occupied….

I haven’t been able to do many craft fairs this year so this is a bit of an opportunity to share my work. I haven’t decided what paintings I will be showing. I’ve got too many!

Tier Two

Painting done at Orme Group

I was really looking forward to going back to our Orme Art Group, which is meeting for the first time in months. I was only going for the afternoon, but I was going to start doing something new. Then government decided to impose Tier two restrictions in our area. Most of the group will still be in Tier One but not me. Oh well, I have to admit I was a bit nervous of seeing people inside for the first time in months (and yet I’m happy to go shopping). Its strange how this pandemic can affect your confidence.

Maybe one day things can get back to normal, I can see my friends again. I can paint with them, spark new ideas, have fun. Do workshops learning new techniques.

Fingers crossed