Mulled wine


After a busy morning delivering a painting and finishing off some pottery, then travelling to play sliders (curling without the ice) for an hour, then taking cards to the post office in heavy rain I felt like a rest. I’ve done a couple of blog posts so now I want a rest and iimy hubby wants some warm mulled wine. It’s hot and sweet and herby. The bottle he got is ready made with plenty of flavourings including Cinnamon and citrus flavours…

Mulled wine


Warm wine with herbs and sugar. I don’t know what the herbs are as I usually buy a bottle of one that already has things in it. Heat it up in a pan and drink, possibly with mince pies or Christmas cake…

It’s the time of year for indulgence if you can afford it. But many can’t. I’ve visited people in my job who had potatoes and beans for Christmas lunch.

I think about sharing at Christmas, about a bit more kindness, about a lot less austerity. The human race does not like sharing, when greed is good poverty follows. People need to think more about others. I am odd I know…..