Grr, on hold!

I have just spent a pointless half hour on line to a call centre. I realise they are busy, so I don’t expect to be answered straight away. But listening to dull music with the occasional ‘we will be with you as soon as possible’ really doesn’t help. Each time the music dropped out for the announcement I thought someone would answer.

The list of 8 options to choose from was also frustrating. None of them really fitted with the question I wanted to ask:

Press 1 for fate

Press 2 for hate

Press 3 for karma

Press 4 for drama!

Press 5 for applying

Press 6 for annoying

Press 7 for an answer

Press 8 for a dancer!

My mind was boggled so I gave up. If they had only said you are number (1-100) in the queue, and the waiting time is….. Minutes. That would have been helpful. As it was the only people getting anywhere are the phone company!

2 thoughts on “Grr, on hold!

  1. Ha I read your post so quickly that it wasn’t til I got to dancer that I realised they weren’t the choices. Aaargh, yes we can all relate. Good music should be essential at the very least.

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