Drinking dragon

Used a digital app to u the contrast and colours on this drawing, I also made parts of it negative. I think it’s an interesting effect. The reds and greens have been enhanced, they were actually on the other side of the sketchbook page I use. It’s thinker paper than some but the ink can bleed through slightly to the other side of the paper.

3 thoughts on “Drinking dragon

  1. Was the ink already there when you did the drawing, or did you do the drawing and then ink another that bled through? I love the effect! When I do visual art I often use serendipitous things like that to inspire work, like a crinkle in the page or perhaps a shadow that lands on the page when I set it down to start drawing or painting.
    I find the juxtaposition in this one of drinking from a pool of checkerboard especially interesting.

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