What are you doing to me wordpress?

Are you turning into instagram?

What are all these new buttons?

Easier or more complex?

My brain is struggling

To keep up with unwanted changes!

I was driving with gears

Now you’ve given me an Automatic

taken away the clutch

but not told me where the brakes are!

Is that fair?

I’m a blogger

not a programmer

or coder

or whatever

these newfangled things are?


1/10 so far….

4 thoughts on “What are you doing to me wordpress?

  1. Great image! WP has made a lot of changes in the past couple of years. I gave up trying to make the new Block editor work. It confused me and ate my posts before I could publish them! Fortunately they still have the Classic one available. ::whew:: Not sure what it’s doing to make you post this, but here are some ((hugs)). I hope they help.🤗

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      1. Yes, they’ve been saying that for a while. It’s still easy to get to so until they trash it I’m going to use it. The Blockhead Editor doesn’t play nicely with my iPad. At all. 😩

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