Today’s sketch of one of our bookcases. I’m too short sighted to see it well… For #bandofsketchers prompt: books.

Two other artists posted photos of their bookcases, we all have appear to be bibliophiles, with large collections of books. I’m glad, I don’t understand how you can go without them. Yes you can buy them online. But there’s nothing like a real book in your hand…. And I can say from experience that if you drop a book on the bath it dries out better than a phone!

2 thoughts on “Books

  1. Absolutely agree. The feel and smell of books is like a drug and I’m so averse to the idea of a Kindle it’s unreal. Love little second hand book shops and stores that have a musty, dusty smell and ladders to clamber up and find the hidden treasures that nearly always live up on top shelves because so few folk will venture that high up.

    I’m a nosy cow and find myself drawn to bookcases and seeing what people have on their shelves. Dunno why I don’t make any particular judgement of what’s on there but I just like to see what people read.

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