Playing with images to protect the identity of a meeting I was in. Why pixilated when you can play with textures instead. Various things used but mainly textural effects in photodirector. Basically I ran the image through the same filter about six times to up the level of texture… Like hotocopying a photocopy over and over again… In the end its altered much more than it would normally be.

11 thoughts on “Meeting

      1. Mark ordered hoodies for the kids and they’re really freaky my eyes went walkabout just from the thumbnail I dread to think what they’ll do when they’re worn!

        They’re similar to this type of design just makes my head mashed

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      2. Read an earlier post you wrote about how the eye sees things and was gonna comment on it will go back and find it now it’s really interesting how the brain takes in and processes certain things.

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      3. That’s the one!! The most fascinating, bizarre and incredible thing I ever heard of in my life is “Charles Bonnet Syndrome” which is still relatively unknown and used to be frequently misdiagnosed resulting in I don’t even know how many older people signed off as barmy and forced into mental health facilities without their being a thing wrong 😦
        If you’ve never heard of it and have time to spare the brilliant TED talk by Oliver Sacks is a fantastic insight into how your brain will make up for things the eyes aren’t seeing.

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