Drawing Lesson

I was just watching an on line lecture about using the new photoshop system and it reminded me of this drawing I did back in August. It was a quick sketch of my desk and drawing tablet. We were disussing about doing loose drawings and I realised thats what this is. Apparently I should be building up layers so I can change and alter them as I draw. I need to learn more… Over ten years of using photoshop and I never got into it! Thats the thing if you dont see information and you try aand learn things just by trial and error!

2 thoughts on “Drawing Lesson

  1. I used to hit up a lot of tutorials, that’s how I learned. But as with writing and me ( as a comparison ) I find it very difficult to drop the pen so-to-speak to allow some time for learning. I’ll just chock it up to being free spirited, for me, at least. 😎

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