The sun shone eventually…

Looking out of the window this afternoon, the sun came out and the sky cleared. Much more sparkle than my drawing first thing in the morning. Soon the view will clear further when the trees shed the rest of their leaves. Mind you, the rate the ivy is climbing up the wall the window might be covered over!

Tonight is meant to be very cold and the outdoor cat won’t come in, he’s busy running round the garden, but he’s got a warm bed in the shed. Tomorrow it’s due to rain again… No more blue sky….

12 thoughts on “The sun shone eventually…

  1. I got back from sorting my friend’s horses at 9pm and the car was flashing a warning of cold weather and registering temp of 4 degrees. Weird things are animals I guarantee one of those horses will be outside in the cold and possibly managed to get his winter rug off as well by morning. He and my older horse both preferred to stay outside in the paddocks even during torrential rain, gales and freezing temps of -5 one year. Unreal.

    Would leave the stable doors latched back with fresh hay, drinking water and bedding so they could go in if they wanted to but they’d only go in to polish off the hay and spend the rest of the time outside pretending nobody cared about them. Stood by the field gate trying to make people think they were unloved and maybe someone should call RSPCA.

    Outside cat knows he has a warm bed and a place to go if he wants one that’s the main thing but they really do make liars and cruel humans out of us it’s murder.

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      1. Yeah he’ll be fine and come inside if he wants to and is really feeling cold. They just like to make you feel bad and pretend nobody cares I’m sure 😂😂

        I know a lot of dogs particularly farm dogs that prefer to live outside even after re-homing as family pets because it’s easier to get themselves warmed up than it is to cool down inside a house with central heating etc. Some dogs really struggle adapting and find the heat too much which I can relate to cos no matter how cold or what the weather is doing I have to have a window open and feel fresh air circulating.

        Puddi gets super excited and would happily sleep inside a stable full of fresh straw as I’m putting it down she’s rolling around in it all.

        Guess it’s not much different for cats especially one like yours that’s more familiar with being outside than inside. My reckoning is when they know there’s a place to shelter and get warmed up or have some grub and a drink of water, they’re good and won’t see themselves struggle or go without.

        Doesn’t help us fretting and worrying though!

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      2. By then he’ll probably be a fully fledged fat house cat and claimed that blanket for good lol. He’s survived all this time under his own steam he’s pretty hardcore and knows how to get his grub and look after himself.

        Wonder what cats do and where they go / how far from home they go at night? :/ That’d be really interesting to see and track actually 🙂

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      3. He’s generally in our garden which is about the size of two terraced houses and their yards…. There are lots of other cats about that come and go (I fear for the bird population but they have plenty of cover). There’s a shed and a summerhouse, two cat beds and cushions. He’s a big cat, twice the size of my other two, well-groomed. Tidy, but not a dominant cat which is why I think they can integrate… I’m going to copy this comment because I’m explaining about him and I think I will share with others?

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      4. Haha! Sure as God made green grass, my friend’s horse had his rug hanging off him this morning he’d tried his best to get it off and looked sad and depressed at not getting the whole thing off and his plan only half working out for him.

        Murder honestly. I dunno why she bothers I bought that same horse a brand new winter rug year before last and it was on the floor in the paddock, ripped and he’d done a massive poo on top just to really make sure I knew what he thought of his £70 rug.

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      5. Meanwhile at ours, Puddi spent I dunno how long pawing and shifting then getting herself curled into a tiny ball trying to sleep on a Morrison’s carrier bag.

        She has the whole house, bedding, sofa and armchair she can go where she wants practically but there she is “I’ve nowhere to call my own.. nowhere but this old Morrison’s carrier bag. It’s terrible being me you don’t understand”

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