Yesterday was a nothing day

DSC_2344_optimized (3)

Like an empty room, not needing tidying. A day that passed quickly, where I let time flow.

Why? I was painting, finishing, working, trying to complete art. Time passed in an empty way, flowed from the top of a waterfall to the base, in mid air, then crashing into the reality of getting something done, finished.

But then I went and did choir practice after I’d painted, so no time to come here. The day was asking fast then… After dark, but after choir, shopping, after shopping, cooking and eating.

The day flew past, then a gentle sleep….

I looked up and it was after midnight. The only things posted here were the day before. My days published statistic was about 157 days continuous publishing. I think it will be back to zero…. Ho hum…. But a day off the computer, a real bonus…

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