This is my painting.


Continuing the point about copyright, this is my painting of the Burslem witch, Molly Leigh.

Our local TV programme, Midlands today used the image of the elderly woman, (I based it on a painting by Theodore Gericault, of an elderly French peasant woman). I emailed them twice to point out it was my mural, but have not had any response back.

Last Friday I was interviewed by the Sentinel newspaper about this and a photo of my Burslem riot painting that the paper had used without crediting me. I don’t know when it’s du to be published, do it might already have come out.

Anyway. I keep painting.


6 thoughts on “This is my painting.

  1. Christine do you sign and date all your paintings? Some artist sign on bottom right hand corner and others sign on the back. My father usually signed on the front but no date.
    I am currently doing an Online Landscape Arcylic Painting Master Course, I will ask the same question to the Artist/Tutor.


    1. I sign things Mallaband-Brown now. Used to sign Christine Mallaband-Brown, but it took too much space, these murals were signed CMB because I didn’t want to overpower the image. I’m going to try and get some brass plaques done if I can afford it.


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