Stag and thistles

A stag and thistles against a Scottish Saltire. The Penkhull Panto is not having scenery this year except for some smaller A2 panels that I painted a few years ago of various scenes from around the world. I offered to paint something representing Scotland and found various images of Scottish jewellery depicting Stags and Thistles in a semi celtic design. This is my interpretation of the idea. The blue and white of the saltire is a good background to the design. I used two A1 boards glued together for strength (£10) and it is painted in acrylics with some silver metallic pen highlights. I hope they like it.


Thistles and Rosebay Willowherb. Both covered in seed heads. They were still attached to the plants because there has been little wind to distribute them despite strong sunshine to ripen the heads. When the wind does pick up I imagine it will be like looking at a flurry of snowflakes drifting through the air. The thistles look so soft despite their sharp edges. Thistle down… Fairies floating on the air…. The bees had something good to sip….