A bit influenced by Warhol

I watched a programme about Andy Warhol last night. Even though its a while since he died it stated his Warholian influence is still widespread. It made me think about when I first found out about him. It was when I was at school. The paintings and screen prints of Campbells soup cans and portraits of Marilyn Monroe were the images I first saw. I was learning about Pop Art at the time. When you have just been learning about renaissance artists such as Michelagelo or Botticelli it’s a bit of a shock to see something different. Like the Roy Lichtenstein paintings such as ‘Whaam!’ using bright colours and screen print effects. I think Warhol and these other artists were what got me interested in being playful with art.

Found, old online drawings…




It’s been a while since I saw these. I drew them a few years ago on an old art site called sketchfu,.

Well guess what popped up on my FB page tonight? I had forgotten about these. But they are some of my favourites (I always loved Tony Curtis) …

The others are an attempt at drawing Michelangelos’ David, earrings and an Apple drawn in a challenge we used to do at sketchfu. And a drawing of a Manet painting…. the title is forgotten, no doubt someone will tell me.

Yes its great to see them again, hopefully I will be inspired to paint instead of drawing. But if not at least I know they are still around