Seeing Pudsey bear 🐻 on children in need last night (a telethon to raise money for childrens charities) reminded me of this teddy bear. We went on holiday to a Youth Hostel in the Lake District of England one year. The hostel was old, small and friendly. It was at Thirlmere near the lake and consisted of a few simple wooden huts. The hostel warden was called Ray and he was really friendly. There were a wide range of old board games in the hostel so on a dark wet night, you were entertained without the need of a TV or radio, (this was before mobile phones). One thing Ray did to raise funds was to sell knitted Teddy bears that his mother made. I fell in love with this one, but Ray said that it had to have Ray in its name… Raymond, Ray-chel, perhaps? I’d heard of the gas Radon so my bear became Raydon, after all in that colour he virtually glows in the dark!