Seeing Pudsey bear 🐻 on children in need last night (a telethon to raise money for childrens charities) reminded me of this teddy bear. We went on holiday to a Youth Hostel in the Lake District of England one year. The hostel was old, small and friendly. It was at Thirlmere near the lake and consisted of a few simple wooden huts. The hostel warden was called Ray and he was really friendly. There were a wide range of old board games in the hostel so on a dark wet night, you were entertained without the need of a TV or radio, (this was before mobile phones). One thing Ray did to raise funds was to sell knitted Teddy bears that his mother made. I fell in love with this one, but Ray said that it had to have Ray in its name… Raymond, Ray-chel, perhaps? I’d heard of the gas Radon so my bear became Raydon, after all in that colour he virtually glows in the dark!

Raydon, Teddy


Hi, I’m Raydon, I come from a Youth hostel near Thirlmere in the Lake District. I was made by the mother of the warden of the hostel. Me and my brothers and sisters were bought by visitors to the hostel as souvenirs and to raise funds for the hostel. Each of us had ‘Ray’ in our names because that was the wardens name. I was named ‘Raydon’ by my new owner because she was interested in physics and was reading a book about Marie Curie and Radium. She thought because I was bright red I looked like I was glowing!

I mainly sit in the bedroom, gathering dust, but she dusted me down and took a photo of me. I hope she still loves me.