Too-wit too-woo…

Never hear Tawny owls anymore. We used to have a couple of them up the hill. The males make one sound, Too-wit, then the female answers Too-woo! It’s so evocative of spring, but it doesn’t happen anymore. So many birds are dissappearing, but men don’t seem bothered, they’d rather fight wars. As someone recently said instead of spending money to go to Mars maybe they should spend it on planting forests, or supporting the environment. Endangered means possible extinction. Let’s do something about it.



Giraffes are close to extinction. People are shooting them! How selfish can you be? Elephants, Lions, Snow Leopards, Cheetahs, Rhino’s, White Rhino’s, Tigers and Gorilla’s and Orangutans, and monkeys and marsupials. So many animals that might not exist in a few years. Then there’s all the small mammals, fish, insects, cold blooded snakes and lizards, birds, amphibians. Not to mention Trees, plants and everything else you can think of!

You know who is driving this mass extinction, US! Humans, people, man, woman everyone.

We need to grab back our world and save it, now, before it’s too late and it’s gone….

Can I add a link?

Check out the Sketch for Survival auction site. 


I have an drawing on an auction site to support a charity which is trying to save endangered species. The drawing is of a mother and baby elephant. I wanted to add a link into the body of this post but couldn’t work out how so its posted at the bottom of this page in the comments section. If you follow the link you should also be able to find art by other artists also in support of the charity Sketch for Survival.


PS thanks to Stoneronarollercoaster I now know how to do it. Thanks!