I want to visit somewhere nice.

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A few months ago we were regularly going out for walks. Now I stay in as much as I can. My health problems mean that I have to be very careful.

As people have stopped visiting places there have been less disturbances for nature. Apparently there have been less casualties of baby birds like ducklings. Boats are not travelling up and down rivers and washing out birds nests. There may be more Grebes and Moorhens this year than for the recent past.

I don’t begrudge my walk if it means nature gets its turn!

Baby birds

The blue tit babies have fledged and were on the bird feeders today. My hubby saw eight of them in a row on the fence this morning. Unlike previous days it’s been quite cold, but at least there has been rainwater about for them to drink and we provide fat balls and seed and mealworms for all the birds in the garden. There are blackbirds and robins, green finches and house sparrows in the garden, plus wood pigeons as well as the blue tits and also coal tits. We also see wrens. In fact I think we have done really well for bird life this year. I just hope the cats keep away from the birds.