Muraling again…

I did more to the mural today, climbing up and down some steps to get up to the top of it. I’m tired but happy with it so far. I’ve toned down some purple I’d added to it and made it more grey. This was because I was trying to add colour to it but was a bit overwhelming. Once I’ve finished blocking in the background I will add reeds and leaves and other details. I’ve got some iridescent white which I’m going to use to add more sparkle to it. Once it’s finished it’s going to have a glaze over it to protect it.

May get it finished by next week.


Mural day

I’ve been asked to paint a mural of some geese in a friends house. It’s a small space and on two walls. About eight feet high by about ten wide?

I spent the afternoon painting. Got to go back and carry on with it later in the week. Then I went out and went to a yoga group, then singing. Got back shattered.

I’m glad I said yes to doing the mural.