I just watched a programme about pottery on the TV. It’s set at the Gladstone Pottery Museum in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. I like it because people have to do challenges, tonight’s was to create three low relief birds, in a small medium and large sizes. Each one had to represent a real bird. One person did three macaws, another kingfishers, a third falcons. Each contestant made really interesting birds, the standard was very high. One person got Potter of the week, one got eliminated. Its good to see an art based programme with real skills.

The drawing above is a digital finger painting I dis in ArtRage oils a few years ago. It’s meant to be a multicoloured pigeon.

18 thoughts on “Flight

  1. Have you seen the Portrait Artist of the Year show. Done in a similar format to the great British bake off. Great show. Makes me want to paint.

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      1. On my list to start that one. They do make u want to paint. Did u see the guy who painted on random cabinet doors. Loved his work aka so unique but there were a lot of outstanding painters.

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      2. Bytw I ran across some of your digital art. Impressive. Blew me away. Of course I couldn’t get wp to let me comment. 😞

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  2. word press used to let me reply but NOPE NO longer. I recognized the kiln chimneys you drew at the pottery or is it the china museum in Stokes on Trent. Have watched far too many Escape to the Countries during covid. Those beehive chimneys. Impressive that you work there!! I adore china and good art pottery.

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      1. That’s what they said. Old things are always needing restoration aren’t they? Even our old things which aren’t nearly as old as yours. Lol

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