Dragon pot

Part of a coffee pot that just has foreign stamped on the base. It has raised decoration of a dragon on it. I am not sure how old it is and whether it is Chinese or Japanese. Its a delicate design and it arrived wrapped in bubble wrap and it has gone back to its home the same way. I guess some of the design is airbrushed on, but that might mean it is more modern than I think it is. It would be interestingvto find out.

5 thoughts on “Dragon pot

  1. You just set me off to do a search in my side board where I have such a set with “pot”, matching cups and saucers, sugar and milk containers. These were very popular as wedding presents in the early 1960s and my Mum told me it was a coffee pot. Mine is not antique but has a made in Japan sticker on the bottom of each piece. I just enjoy it for what it is. Yours appears to have more of a pink tinge in the raised pattern. Anyway it will get dusted now and

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