Missing friends

The trouble with blogging is that you make friends and then after a while they might disappear. Suddenly they go into the fog of the Internet. It’s not clear if something has happened to them or if they have just left. Thankfully people do write and say they are going sometimes. That’s not as bad. But it leaves a hole in your life when you’ve got used to reading their words. You can go back and look at previous posts but it’s not the same. Or you can find them on other platforms. I remember finding someone on Instagram after they had left here. But a few months later they left there as well.

It’s also a shock when after losing touch with people over the years you find out they have died. It happened last weekend, someone I had known for a while had passed away. I asked her husband how she was and he said she had died two years ago. He said everyone in the town knew she had passed away. I had to explain that I don’t live in that town so had not found out. I was so sad to have discovered she was gone.

The worst thing I think is Facebook memories. Someone who has died will suddenly appear on a memory. Or their birthday will show up. It can be disturbing. There should be a memorial button. A way of closing an account without erasing them. Meanwhile. If I decide to leave WordPress I will try and remember to let people know. X

7 thoughts on “Missing friends

  1. I agree. I just learned today that a blogger I followed has lost his battle with cancer and his wife has only worked out how to respond via his blog to let us all know. His encouragement and unshakable faith was a legacy to us all.
    I also think there is an over reliance on social media to let us know when someone has died. Some of us still do the local newspaper or use the bush telegraph. As for Facebook Memories that is hard. Also well meaning people sharing their school year photos without realising some of those students are no longer with is. I had to add a polite note and of course everyone wants to know what happened to my brother! Hopefully, neither you or I need to leave WordPress too soon. Take care.

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  2. Yes remenver a fruend dying and her account on facebook remained active for another 18 months before it was taken down.

    Regarding Wordoress. I think you dont think people are reading your posts so you go onto Instagram. Less considerarion on what to write is needed there.

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  3. Yes, I have known several bloggers that have passed, so sad, because they are friends. It’s nice when they have someone to post on their site to tell us, so we know why they are gone. I’ve wondered if I could teach my husband to post, but it’s highly doubtful he could, or would!

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