Upright bottle oven somewhere near the canal in Burslem, from a photo I took on a walk with the closer to home group on Saturday. I didn’t have time to stop and read the sign about it as I was at the back of the group. Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt. Metallic silver pen, metallic colours, dried up black felt pens, black felt pen, charcoal stick.

3 thoughts on “Upright

  1. Whoa. At first I thought it was a photo – what a great drawing! I esp like the shadows. 👏👏👏👏👏 Ummm, I hope this isn’t too intrusive, but who are the “Band of Sketchers?” I’ve seen you use the tag & have wondered if it’s a group or website or something. Just curious – no need to reply if you’d rather not. 🙃🤗

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