What to do for New Year’s Eve.

I guess we won’t be going anywhere this New Year’s eve. And yet that’s not a bad thing. Usually we visited friends to get away from the noise at the pub across the road. They were always rowdy and played very loud music that had such a loud base beat that it shook the house. Dum dum ddiiddi dummmm.. Each year seemed to get worse. I didn’t complain because that’s what people do.

So what shall we do, we might go for a walk in the afternoon if it’s not too icy. I think it would be nice to find our scrabble set, or a chessboard. I do sound like an old fuddyduddy, but I just want to be cautious. Virus news is that the infection is escalating. I’d rather stay in and be safe….

4 thoughts on “What to do for New Year’s Eve.

  1. I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Eve not even in my late teens and 20’s found it more of a hassle being forced to go out and spend money when I’d rather gouge out my eyeballs with a wooden spoon.

    The only thing I really missed this Christmas and was surprised to have even noticed at all is the lack of brass bands and buskers playing in busy streets and city centres. Almost every year around mid December we are normally in Manchester or Liverpool with buskers and musicians of all shapes and sizes dotted around and without fail there will be a Salvation Army brass band playing away

    Your night playing Scrabble and staying in front of the fire sounds perfect. That you have one extra four legged family member to spend indoors with is even better 🙂

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