When will you be finished?

You think a painting is finished then look at it two years later and realise it needs work. This picture is called new green man but it doesn’t really feel right. Then I suddenly thought about it and decided I might try and mix it in with a picture of a maori pulling a haka face. But is this a cultural appropriation? Am I allowed to use this idea. Merging different ideas. I will have to think about it. Whatever I do this will be changed.

4 thoughts on “When will you be finished?

  1. Beautiful. I love this painting. I feel that you should express yourself however you choose. In my opinion you should go with your idea, it sounds fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing it once it is complete.

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  2. I really like the mixture of human form and nature here. And I know exactly what you mean when you look at past endeavors, but it’s a beautiful thing, because it means that not only your perspective had improved, but also your skill! 🤠


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