Come back spring


I miss your sunny face.

Your flowers and your grace,

Your gentle showers

your sunny hours

as life returns

and the year turns.

Life’s ups and downs,

Leaves touch trees crowns.

Pale helibores decline

but tulips grow again.

Now comes the rush

of flowers full blush.

Sparkling sunshine,

birds sing sublime.

Life’s return

For which I yearn

10 thoughts on “Come back spring

  1. To Each His/her Own šŸ˜‰

    Stay away spring
    with your oozing, sticky mud
    your wind and dust storms
    your promises and betrayals
    apple blossoms blown from trees
    Stay away spring
    A little more snow
    more trails and skiing
    Places for my dog to bound
    through deep soft drifts
    before the fecund nightmare
    starts again.

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      1. I just like winter best. Everyone’s all “Spring! Spring!” and silently I think, “shut up.” But I get it. Ice is treacherous and most people don’t like the cold. And yeah, spring here can be rough. 60 mph hour winds and mud.


      2. Spring is much more gentle here! We get the winds early on. There is a saying about march winds, and it can be march “comes in like a lamb and out like a lion” or “in like a lion and out like a lamb” because its always changeable here. April is usually “April showers ” but climate change seems to be affecting it all.

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      3. I live at a high altitude in a wild place. Real spring doesn’t come until May. We can’t even plant seeds outside until June 1 or so. We can even get a heavy snow in May. I knew that when I moved here. ā¤


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