Cats and keyboards


“Get off you pest!” I don’t shout at the cat…

“You’re in the way,”  I think but stay silent.

“No paws here!” I meant to say, but no breath escapes…

“Ok, that’s my keyboard,” I mean to yell…

Curled up, cute, cuddly,  the cat snores.


“Shift cat, I need to type”, I quietly think.

“Your tail is in my paint! Don’t twitch it…”

“No, its gone all over the paper…Drat, Cat!”

Whiskers twitch, as quietly…

Curled up, cute, kitty, snores….


“No don’t lick that here! ” A feeble squeak emitted.

“Dont wash your paws in the kitchen sink,” I think…

“No furballs allowed,” I try not to choke,

“No cat food on the cupboard,” I cry……

Curled up cute, cat, snores…


All the world to rest in, and you chose this lap?

Go ahead cute cat, curl up kitty, and snore …..


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