Digital portraits

I’ve posted A few digital drawings here, and one website, now defunct, was called sketchfu where I drew many of them. (I found out today its domain name is up for sale!).

The tools at sketchfu were quite crude, only 5 or 6 sizes of pen, a colour picker and a colour palette together with a slider that allowed you to change the opacity. But it was surprising what results people could get. There were various little competitions and challenges to copy various pictures and portraits.

I did some of the challenges, and I drew some portraits. You could not draw as well as in Photoshop but they came out OK……


You might notice the final drawing here is meant to be of professor Stephen Hawking. This was drawn on my tablet in an app called sketcher free. I did it a few weeks ago following his death. Instead of a stylus I used my middle finger to draw on the tablet screen.

I cannot tell you how uncontrolled and disappointing this last drawing feels in relation to the previous ones. If anyone is aware of a good drawing website, please let me know!

4 thoughts on “Digital portraits

  1. I really love how you’ve captured Captain Picard here. It is an excellent representation overall, but it’s especially great how you’ve shown his seriousness and concern in what I’d guess is a tense moment. You can feel from the painting that he’s about to make a tough command decision or something.

    I like the background too, it gives you an appropriate atmosphere without distracting from the subject. I tend to notice that, because I’m very weak at backgrounds and scenery. Well done!

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