Waiting for lightning

The forecast is for thunderstorms. ….IMG_20180329_004651_329

The heat has been here for only two or three days and already the forecast is for thunderstorms and then a drop of about 10 degrees Celsius.

Back to normal for April. Cooler,  hopefully not too cold…

Looking at http://blitzortung.org you can track the lightening, an hour ago it was heading in this direction. Now it has tracked slightly east. The weather over the Channel looks bad, with lots if storms in north France.

I want to write a poem about waiting for the storm….

Here I am, on Earth I stand,                                                                 waiting for power to flow,                                                                     from sky, to ground, down ribbons of charge                                    zagged into flash and sound.

I watch the signs, the sighs of air, deep rumbled                              groans of noise. There are now ways to see the moves                      of clouds and wind that pound.

But though I wait in stifling heat,                                                        no moisture hits the ground,                                                                the sky stays dark, not lit, not sharp.                                                  The storm has turned around.

No excitation of the land, no rivulets of rain,                                   no exultation of the skies,                                                                      no lightening strikes abound …….

Well, I think that explains how I feel. I have sat and watched lightening on many occasions, it is one of the things I love. To sit safe while the maelstrom whirls around the house. But like the photo of the clear sky above, nothing seems to be happening tonight.

Oh well there is  a small meteor shower due this weekend so I might see something…..

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