What else should I add?

IMG_20171123_164836_191I have so many ideas to share. I intend to add a few more pages but I need to know how much memory it takes. I just tried adding another picture and my device came up with one of those “not enough memory to continue” messages. Does anyone else have a similar problem? (As you can see I have now worked it out).

It feels like a new door is opening for me, I hope I have the courage to go through it!

If I can resolve the issue I will be adding pages about animal portraits, sketching, life studies and photography.  Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “What else should I add?

  1. Which wordpress layout is this Christine? I like it overall, some initial thoughts (all imho…! I know I struggle to edit some things in wordpress without messing up something else)

    I like the narrow column of text & LH side panel.
    I prefer the dark text to the pale.
    I prefer lower case to upper case, apart from in headings where upper case is ok.
    In the section
    “Having fun with art
    PortraitsLandscapesDigital drawingsNew artPaintingsLife studies”
    if it is editable you could add links to
    About Me (incl current town & country)
    Work In Progress
    Exhibitions (past ; future & include address\postcode & link)
    Shop ( physical* ; link to exhibitions ; on line < incl size(cm & inches) & £ …idk but will the pictures need a name &\or code number\date?)
    Commissions (how you work ; past examples)
    Contact (not necessarily actual phone\email details, could be a page with a "comments" section)

    * currently mentions " THE SHOP" AND "THE YMCA" …. needs links to the venue



    1. I will try and have a look at it again @freddyheadey. I’m not sure where I got the page style from, I looked up art layouts somewhere and it was near thestart. I liked it because its simple and clear…. I want to try and change the bold lettering to a smaller font but can’t work out how …yet… I will add links when I can find out the information…thank you!


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