Evidence of a BIG mouse.

So in these self isolating, lockdown times. My hubby decided to open the ‘Christmas cake in a ring pull tin’.

It was there as a treat for some time in the future. But as things are, OK why not? I’m not allowed to eat much sweet stuff but I thought I could have a small sample.

Anyway, after ten minutes of trying to open the tin, he got the can opener on it as the ring pull didn’t ‘pull’. He managed to cut round the base (thats where the ring pull is).

Another struggle, there was a thin strip of metal sticking up. So I got the key off a can of corned beef, and after much fiddling got the cover off the cake. Then I put a plate on top and tipped the tin over to release the cake.

There it was, surrounded by nice white, pleated, grease proof paper.

Hubby got a knife and cut himself a quarter. Then, he started picking loose bits of fruit off the rest of the cake! He stuck his fingers in his mouth each time and licked his index finger as he picked up another crumb!

I was upset! I told him there was no way I could eat any of it now. The only way I could have any would be to slice off the top and bottom and sides to leave a small bit from the inside.

I did threaten to do this but as the only gloves I have are the gardening ones that I was using today to cut back roses and Ivy, I decided that would not be a good idea.

I put the cake in the fridge. Ten minutes later when I went to get some milk for a coffee? Well you can see…. A BIG mouse had been at it!