How do I know what I know?


Stuff is in my head. Stuff that I learned at school, or from my parents and family. From books I have read, from things on the TV and radio. From things I have experienced, felt, seen, heard.

The mind is a wonderful thing if it is allowed to learn. An empty vessel waiting for millions of little facts and ideas to inhabit it. General knowledge, science, literature, music, ideas, so much! I know things I didn’t think I know. Except about pop music! That’s what I really don’t know. I don’t claim to be knowledgeable about everything and anything. But I know a bit about quite a lot. But then am I a jack of all trades and master of none. You can see my grammar is not brilliant, I can’t do complex maths or calculus, but I know they exist…

The mind should be kind, I think. To be flexible and fluid. To try and understand other peoples minds and ideas. To care about things around you.

The mind can be beautiful. You have to try and make it that way.



I don’t even know if it’s a word. But it strikes me as someone who loves choirs and classical music that I’m rubbish at recognising pop music and pop songs.

Take me back to the 1960s and I loved bands like the beatles or Freddie and the Dreamers. Then transport me to the late 70’s and early 80’s and I remember Blondie and Elvis Costello (although I think of him as that bloke that wrote the song Oliver Army. I also liked Ultravox, the Clash and The Jam, although if you asked me to remember one of their songs I would struggle.

It’s not all music, I can recognise a lot if classic music, classic composers.

That’s why I think I’m Pop-lexic. Unable to recognise the Birdie Song, or a song by Gabrielle… If she even exists.

General knowledge is one of my favourite categories in a quiz, but ask me a pop music question and I’m stumped!