I don’t even know if it’s a word. But it strikes me as someone who loves choirs and classical music that I’m rubbish at recognising pop music and pop songs.

Take me back to the 1960s and I loved bands like the beatles or Freddie and the Dreamers. Then transport me to the late 70’s and early 80’s and I remember Blondie and Elvis Costello (although I think of him as that bloke that wrote the song Oliver Army. I also liked Ultravox, the Clash and The Jam, although if you asked me to remember one of their songs I would struggle.

It’s not all music, I can recognise a lot if classic music, classic composers.

That’s why I think I’m Pop-lexic. Unable to recognise the Birdie Song, or a song by Gabrielle… If she even exists.

General knowledge is one of my favourite categories in a quiz, but ask me a pop music question and I’m stumped!