Eddie Izzard drawing

Just watching#skyportraitartistoftheyear Eddie Izzard was the sitter. Found a reasonably close image to what they are painting today off the Internet. I haven’t worked out how to find images of the sitters on the Web page. I must be doing something wrong. Anyway this was a quick 25 minute sketch. Using a unipin 0.8 black fine line pen. Which was running out



‘Neddy’ named by my hubby. Used the watercolour background I’d created and found an image of a horse or pony with a long mane.

I used fine black nib marker pens to draw him, then permanent markers to add some colour to him and to the tall grass around him (fading the colours as it went higher to give a feeling of depth). I then used a 6B graphite pencil to soften the strength of the marker pens. I drew this because I liked the overgrown mane. If the pony ran it would flow out backwards like a billowing curtain or long ribbons.

I did this today because I didn’t have a prompt from stoke urban sketchers so I thought I would still draw something to keep going.