Putting up walls

It dawned on me this morning, the walls around me have grown… I’ve felt hemmed in by the pandemic, and tied down by ropes attached to concrete blocks. Not physically but mentally, emotionally, sadly.

Why? It stems from fear of what might happen. There is a word ‘catastrophise’ that I’ve heard recently. Maybe that’s what I’m doing. Plus hubbys situation bothers me, I feel very protective. Then again, as I age, bits of me don’t work properly. I tried to do something about it, but the authorities don’t seem to understand. It’s made me despondent to some extent. My prevarication is getting to me.

Sorry to lay all of this at your doors, I think by speaking out it allows me to order my thoughts. Those walls need to come down, and I need to let some light in, I need to be less of a scardey cat… But it’s not easy..

4 thoughts on “Putting up walls

  1. I couldn’t agree more
    Great post! I appreciate your vulnerability in sharing how the pandemic has affected you mentally and emotionally. I can relate to feeling hemmed in and the fear of what might happen. Your use of the word “catastrophise” is spot on. My question for you is, have you found any helpful strategies or resources for breaking down those walls and letting in more light during this challenging time? Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings, it’s always helpful to know we’re not alone.

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    1. I’ve had some counselling that really helped, but thats finished now. I also go to yoga once a week, I have to do it on a chair because I struggle physically. The meditations and relaxations really help. A lot of my problems are external and are not going to stop soon… Ii just try and be logical, listen to tips that can help….

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